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As an adult products retailer, you are sure to manage a good deal of brands at your retail outlet, either a land-based or web-based one, and each of these brands come up with their own recommendations for optimizing sales. Nevertheless, there are many more major factors behind this which you are to take into account when getting down to selling adult toys and accompanying products to your customers. Take a brief look at the information provided below to leverage your business opportunities.

General Recommendations

Adult toys are a special category of products, therefore you should take into account a number of specific recommendations when dealing with it.

  1. Proper license and certificates – be sure to obtain a corresponding license granting you a permission to sell adult toys, video, etc. in the country of your operation (or worldwide, if you are an international reseller). Erotic Fantasy double-checks every company that registers with us to make sure that only eligible business entities cooperate with us. We offer only certified products that have passed proper inspection for meeting the hygienic standards. Shop only at authorized distributors which guarantee the highest quality and security of financial transactions.
  2. Diversity of products – people are more likely to buy at shops with a greater variety of products. A wide range of goods in your stock showcases that you strive to provide as complete shopping experience as possible.
  3. Professional merchandising – pay attention to your product layout ("Brick-and-Mortar shop") or the website navigation ("Online Web-Stores") and make it as clear as possible. Be ready to assist your customers at any time upon their request – leaflets and topic-related articles serves well for this purpose, especially when you deal with first-time clients who haven’t yet made their purchasing decision.
  4. Perfect customer service – sales are all about meeting your customers’ needs. It is crucial that your sales managers are trained well enough to present comprehensive details about available products. Try to provide as many communication channels as possible – allow your customers to contact you by phone, email, fax, etc.  

Brand-specific Recommendations

We realize it is not that easy to manage such a great amount of items from different manufacturers. Still, if you are into this, your customers expect you to possess a necessary level of skills. Train your sales managers to be really professional about every brand and product categories that you sell.

You can always contact your personal managers at the brands you are selling for additional information. Here at Erotic Fantasy we constantly upgrade our skills to provide relevant and all-embracing details about our work aspects.