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How to open a shop

In the article below we have compiled a short list of recommendations for those who decided to start their career as entrepreneurs in the EU adult products industry.

There are a number of factors to pay attention to which differ depending on your business type. Whether you have made up your mind about starting an online store or would like to open a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, you are required to abide by stringent applicable regulations. However, the following rules are a must for all business types when it comes to direct sales.

  1. Define your target audience.

The choice to target the customer base you appeal to will help you define your business goals and your unique selling points. Study your competitors carefully and find your niche to fill the gap with your original and customer-oriented services.

  1. Train your sales personnel

It is hard to find a more rewarding investment. Teaching your employees to meet customer requirements will ensure steady growth and increasing credibility of your business. It is important that your sales managers are capable of delivering correct and comprehensive information about adult products. Customer awareness about specifications, purposes and quality of adult toys and related goods is crucial for raising the level of your retail services. Equipped with the right knowledge, you will easily turn your customers into regular buyers and encourage their loyalty.

Online store

If you would like to minimize your operational costs, opening an online store may be a perfect solution for you. Cooperating with Erotic Fantasy allows you to consistantly track the availability of products in stock with no need to store large quantities of goods at your premises. Once registered with us, you gain access to a regularly updated .csv type file (Comma Separated Value) with "real-Time" data on all available products and their descriptions. You are free to add this information to your own online store skipping unnecessary details.

Retail outlet

When it comes to land-based outlets, merchandising is "King". Product layout can either encourage customers to make a purchase or can negively impact them from your store. Make your inventory as diverse as possible, while keeping an eye on proper product displays. Guide your visitors from “neutral” adult products like lubes, condoms and novelty type items to more “hardcore” ones and make sure that complementing products are placed in different store sections.

Visit the official European Union website  to learn more about local business regulations.