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User's guide



In order to have an access to our webpage and prices it is necessary to complete the registration on our webpage. To do that, first click on ‘REGISTRATION’.

In the new window it is necessary to fill out ALL the fields. You must complete ALL the fields to register on out webpage.



Please pay attention that the registrations process our webpage consists of two steps:

First, you fill out the registration form and click on ‘REGISTER’ afterwards.

Our manager analyzes your request and personally activates your account after accepting provided data and having a personal conversation with you.

Only after your account has been activated by our manager you will have an access to the products’ prices and will be able to place an order.

For your information:

Your e-mail address, that you have given in the registrations form, will becomes your login for the webpage.

Your password will be sent to you by e-mail.

After receiving your password, you can login into the webpage and start using it.



Adding a company.

If you have a holding company which consists of two or more companies, you will need to add the information on those companies in the ‘ADD AN ORGANIZATION’  tab. After that press ‘SAVE’.



1. Registration information – please check carefully if all the information given in the form is correct. On this tab you can see all the legal companies which  compose you holding.


2. Delivery address – if your company has more than one delivery address it is necessary to add them all in the form, so you can choose the right one yourself while placing an order. If you have just one delivery address  but you need separate delivery documents, then you create two delivery  addresses with the same data but with different shops’ names (i.e. Shop1 and Shop2 etc.). You will need to choose the desired shop while placing an order. To add a delivery address press the button in the upper right corner ‘ADD DELIVERY ADDRESS’.


3. Personal information – fill out with the necessary information from your registrations form. Click the ‘EDIT’ button to complete empty fields, then press ‘SAVE’.

For your information

Please pay attention to the ‘ACCESS LEVEL’ tab – if you have chosen ‘DIRECTOR’ , it means that you will have full access to all the data and you can edit/change all the information.

If you have chosen ‘OPERATOR’ – it means that it will be possible only to place orders without any permission to edit/change the information.


If there is more than one employee responsible for placing orders in your company through our webpage, you can add them by clicking ‘ADDING NEW PERSON’ button and setting the access level to ‘OPERATOR’..




The goods in the catalog are organized in groups. You can browse through those groups while searching for an item. Click on the group’s name to find the item you need.

For your convenience you can use ‘ADVACED SEARCH’ filter on the top left side.

In case you do not know exactly what you need but you have general characteristics of the items needed, we set up specially for your convenience ‘SELECTION BY PARAMETERS’ filter which you can find on the right side of the screen. It is enough to tick some boxes with the attributes of desired articles and the filter will show you items that match them. The characteristics that you can choose from are:     

-        Price

-        Vendor (brand)

-        Color

-        Package

-        Quantity on stock

When you have finished choosing one or more attributes, press ‘SHOW’.


Whenever you have chosen a group of goods, you can use additional filters to work with, these are:

-        Show 24, 48, 96 or all items on one page

-        Organize by: name, price or article

-        Page style: images or images + description



1. To place an order, choose the item from the catalog and input the desired quantity in the box below it. You can type in the quantity from your keyboard (i.e. 1,2,3,10 etc.) or click on the ‘+’ button and the quantity of the chosen item will increase by one every time you click the ‘+’ button. To decrease the quantity of an item press ‘-‘.  Every time an item has been marked with a light green color that means that it had been added to your basket.  Every item has also an indicator icon which tells you what quantity is available on stock at the moment.



A different way to place an order.

-  if you are placing a big order and you have been ordering mostly the same items every time, you can upload a file containing your order. It is easy, the only thing you need to do is

- choose a file in *.csv*.xls or *.xlsx format (it is necessary that the file consists only of one page with 2 columns – article code and ordered quantity)

Important – the file must have only ONE PAGE inside, all the empty sheets should be removed from the document and it must consist only TWO columns without any headers, titles, descriptions etc.  



3. The basket.

As soon as you have finished working with the catalog and found everything you wanted to order, you can open your ‘BASKET’ and check your order. This is what you will see in the basket form:

-        The name of the item you would like to order

-        Quantity (if you would like to change the quantity you can do it right in the basket window)

-        Price

-        Total amount (you will see the catalogue price without any discounts)

-        Delete (if you decide that you do not want to order an item from your list, click on the ‘X’ symbol next to it)

In the bottom part of the basket window you will see some important information.

a) discounts

- if you already your consolidation discount then the webpage will help you to calculate the final amount of the order including your discount based on you turnover from the previous month. If you do not have a discount yet, the webpage will calculate your order with a 0% of discount (the total amount including your 0% discount and special offers). The webpage will also provide you with information how much you need to order to reach a level required for a discount in the next month (if you wish to receive a 3% discount in the next month, you need to add to your order goods for   ??????  ).

- the webpage also helps you to calculate a one-time discount for the goods in your basket (total amount including one-time 0% discount). In the same way the webpage tells you how much you need to order to reach the level required for one-time discount (to receive a one-time discount of 1% you need to add to your order goods for ?????? ).

- if you have changed any quantity of goods in your basket press ‘RECALCULATE’ so the webpage can give you the correct value of your order, including discounts.

b) if you have a holding company, please choose the name of the organization (in the tab ‘ORGANIZATION’) for which you are placing the order

c) please choose the transport

- by your own

- delivery by a courier

- delivery by a transport company (let us know which transport company you choose)

- other

d) for your convenience, you can input the order number from your database

e) order comments

If you have not finished forming your order press ‘CONTINUE’.

If you have finished forming your order and wish to place a request for an order press ‘SEND ORDER REQUEST’




f) Uploading an order in a file with *.csv, *.xls or *.xlsx extentions.

- open your basket (make sure that your basket is empty)

- click ‘CHOOSE FILE’

- in the new window choose the file you wish to upload, then press ‘OPEN’

- press ‘UPLOAD’

- all the items listed in your file will be automatically put into your basket





1. Whenever you have placed an order, it will be stored in the ‘PURCHASING REQUEST’ tab on the left side of the webpage. By clicking on it you will see all the orders’ request you have made on our site and you can start working with them. Placing a request does not mean that the order has been placed for collecting. In the ‘PURCHASING REEQUEST’ tab you will see:

- the date and place of the order

- the number of the order (this number is identical with the order in our warehouse’s database)

- the company for which the order’s request has been placed

- the status of the order (on our side we see ‘NEW’)

- the total amount of your order


2. Working with orders’ requests.

a) if you have placed many requests and you would like to merge them, you need to do the following steps:

- mark the request that you would like to merge (check the boxes on the left side of the requests) 


  • - choose the action that you would like to make with the marked requests. 

    In this case it will be ‘MARGE’ 

После данного действия объединение, мы видим, что у нас стала одна заявка, а две заявки стали аннулированы. Обращаем ваше внимание, что данное ваше действие отображается в нашей базе и менеджер видит изменение, которое вы сделали.

  •  in this case the system asks you to confirm deleting an order request. If you are sure of deleting your request press ‘YES’ if not you choose ‘NO’. After your confirmation the request will be ‘DELETED’


  • If you are sure of deleting your request press ‘YES’ if not you choose ‘NO’. After your confirmation the request will be ‘DELETED’
  • If you have a holding company a you need to make a few separate order requests for different organizations than you need to do the following steps: check the boxes on the request and choose ‘CHANGE COMPANY’ from the drop menu



  • editing a request can be done only if it has a status ‘NEW’. If the status says ‘RESERVED’ than you can edit it only from the ‘ORDERS/RESERVATIONS’ tab. Changing/editing a request, i.e. putting a different quantity can be done by typing a new quantity or by using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘  symbol. It the same way you can change the name of the transport company – choose a request you want to edit, press the triangle symbol on its left side; the request with all the ordered goods will open. After that you press ‘EDIT’



 by pressing the ‘X’ symbol you will delete an item. After that press ‘SAVE’.



3. The operator will process your order based on your requests/reservations and according to the time of its receiving. The status of your request will change to ‘RESERVED’ and that means you can no longer edit this request but if you wish to do so, you need to choose the ‘ORDERS/RESERVATIONS’ tab.

4. When your request has been proceeded to the warehouse database (status has changed to ‘RESERVED’), you can see then a new status (‘EDITED’ or ‘RESERVED’) in your purchasing requests’ window

- if your request has not been proceeded to the warehouse, you will see its status as ‘NEW’

- if your request has been canceled, you will see its status as ‘CANCELED’





1. You can find your orders/reservations in your personal desktop on the webpage (click Orders/Reservations link) or in the left side of the window, in Orders/Reservations tab. In this window you can see all your orders which are being handled by Erotic Fantasy operators. All your requests will be merged automatically into one order. If you wish to split your order, than you need to choose different delivery addresses on your requests. If the orders/reservations are visible in this window, that means your goods are on stock at them moment and have been reserved for you and will not be available for other clients. 


In the orders/reservations window you can see the following information:

- order’s number

- order’s placing date

- order’s placing time

- total amount of your order


2. Working with orders/reservations

a) if your client decides to cancel an order, you can easily cancel it on the webpage. Important – you can delete an order only if it has ‘RESERVED’ status. To cancel an order:

- click on ‘DELETE’ command below the order you wish to cancel

- the system will ask for confirmation ‘Are you sure you want to delete this order’; press ‘YES’ or ‘NO’

b) by clicking on ‘DETAILS’ you can see all the documents linked to your order, especially the requests’ numbers based on which the final order has been formed. You can see which items had been included in a particular order. Also you can edit your order but only if it still has the ‘RESERVED’ status. If the order has been confirmed for collecting you will not be able to edit it anymore. To edit a reserved order click ‘EDIT’.


c) you can delete an order up to the shipping day

d) the following information is available in the editing tab:

- consignee   

- delivery terms

- delivery address

- item name (if you wish to delete an item, press the ‘X’ symbol on its right side)

- item quantity

3. When you have finished editing/forming you order press ‘SUBMIT CHANGES TO THE PROCESSING’

4. The button ‘COLLECTING’

By clicking on this button you are confirming that your order has been approved by you and can be collected. After this confirmation you will be not able to change your order. The system will display a massage:



The system will update statuses of your new requests and you will be able to see new statuses only after your new request will have been re-proceeded by the database. That is why we are kindly ask you to send your orders for collecting responsibly.

After you have confirmed your order for collecting its status will change to ‘READY FOR COLLECTING’

Your personal manager, that was assigned to you, will see in the warehouse database that you have confirmed the order for collecting and he will, from his side, approves the collecting of your order. After his approval you will see the status ‘APPROVED TO COLLECT’


All the steps from reserving an order to shipping it are marked in company’s database:

-        collecting

-        collected

-        collected with corrections

-        documents issued

-        packing

-        packed

-        ready to ship

-        shipped (personally, courier, transport company)

-        to cancel

-        discharging

-        canceled

All those statuses are automatically updated in the ORDERS/RESERVATIONS window on the webpage. There are shown accordingly as on the screenshot above.