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Information for distributors

Erotic Fantasy presents you with the widest range of adult products, but we also help you find your place in the adult entertainment industry. If browsing our website is your first step towards achieving your success as a retailer, this section is just for you. Please read it carefully to get equipped with necessary knowledge to start your own business selling only high-quality products from acknowledged brands.

Distributing adult products requires an advanced level of expertise. Starting from a thorough selection of the items to sell, you will encounter a number of issues where your professional decision-making skills are necessary to move your business forward.

In our Guide for New Customers you will learn how to use our website correctly and easily. From your registration to the ordering process, you will be guided through a full cycle of the services provided at Erotic Fantasy. Please read this guide to make your experience with our website most productive and convenient.

On the Vendor Recommendations page you will learn more about the industry requirements. We have compiled a list of factors to pay attention to if you would like to meet your customers’ expectations, including merchandising and customer support tips.

In the Sell only good quality and Dialog with customers sections we share our tips for delivering top-quality services and gaining solid reputation in the industry. Here you will find how to check the manufacturers’ goodwill and make your communication with customers a truly successful experience.

If you would like to find more information or ask a question, please read the FAQ or contact us. We are always on hand when you need any assistance and would be glad to help you along your way to recognition on the international adult market.