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Topco Sales, USA

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Topco Sales, known also as the Dildo Factory, is a foremost manufacturer of innovative toys in the booming adult industry. Founded as a family-based business, the company delivers a broad range of upscale products for private label and in-house customers. Over 40 years of vast experience, the production line was restructured and updated several times. Now the comprehensive product range includes vibrators, dildos, lubricants, massage tools, personal care cosmetics, accessories, books and video materials manufactured and wholesold globally. TLC, Wildfire, Penthouse Toys and Grrl Toyz are among the most popular brands by Topco Sales recognized in the novelty adult market internationally.

Beginning by producing effective adapter-integrated vibrators, the company’s brand comes as a globally recognized manufacturer of popular Cyberskin toys. The well-known Cyberskin technology includes two innovated synthetic skin textures that look and feel of real skin. Cyberskin toys are made of tear-resistant silicone that features the highest level of flexibility and adds to quality and reliability of Topco Sales products. The company employs the so-called “dual density” technique which allows for extremely sensual and soft touch.  

With headquarters in Chatsworth, California, the Topco Sales company operates the most accessible retail networks in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. It also owns the largest production base in the sector with the innovatively designed and equipped factories and workshops in the state. In addition to brand recognition and growing diversity of adult product line, the company actively cooperates with local and international brands wishing to bring the adult industry to its highest level

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