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Pjur Love, Germany

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Pjur is an exclusive German provider of competitive health and body care products that has been operating since 1994. The company got started as the first manufacturer of personal silicone lubricants, covering other production areas in this segment on a global scale. 

In the present-day industry Pjur is a recognized brand that maintains the leading position among other competitive peers. The range of Pjur health and body care products available to order at specialized retailers and online stores includes products for personal and medical use, goods for novices and married couples, for massages and love play classified in 6 major categories. Developed with regard to personal expectations of health-conscientious customers, the Pjur products are fully responsive, reliable and easy-to-use.  A major advantage defined by the company experts lies in the use of dermatologically safe silicon-based production free of perfume additives, artificial flavorings and odour. The silicone-based technology has been verified for the strictest purity requirements and highest quality standards.

Quality and safety of delicate products for intimate care arise from research and production techniques employed by the company. The brand has been developed to cater to customers with hyper-sensitive skin, potency and gynecologic problems by using naturally produced ingredients. Along with the certification as a top allergy-friendly product vendor, Pjur has been rewarded with “Excellent” for dermatologically tested medical and water-based products by Stiftung Warentest and Dermatest.

As a recognized brand, Pjur products and goods are offered internationally by partner companies in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Moscow and other exclusive branches.

   Vendor's page