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Glas, USA

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Gläs is one of Erotic Fantasy’s trusted partners, manufacturing high-quality glass sex toys and masturbators. The company is USA-based and specializes exclusively on glass as a manufacturing material. The hand-crafted phallic masturbators, vibrators, vaginal balls and anal toys are designed for the most sophisticated consumers. Glass penis ring is one of the recent innovations from Gläs. There are vibrating and non-vibrating penis rings of various diameters. The rings and other glass toys come in three sizes – mini, medium and large.

Each item is manufactured by professional glassblowers from high-quality tempered glass. Every part and detail is produced separately with maximum accuracy and goes through a series of control tests before and after assembling. Gläs professionals are using various colors and ornaments when working with hot glass. Thus, Gläs sex toys are all differently colored from inside, which makes every item unique and beautiful. It is also necessary to mention that some of the items are transparent. All Gläs handcrafted glass vibrating sex toys are waterproof.

Importantly, Gläs sex toys’ packaging is developed specifically to ensure the safety and deliver these products without any damage. One more packaging feature is a real-size product picture on the side of each box. This way, a customer gets to access an item size-wise without opening a box. Erotic Fantasy sells adult products only from trustworthy manufacturers. The company’s specialists consult clients online and on the phone, giving all necessary information concerning the products, prices, ordering terms and conditions. It is possible to place an order and have it processed within one working day.

   Vendor's page