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Coquette Int, Canada

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Coquette International has started just like many similar success stories. What is different behind this is a never-ceasing strive for polishing both designing and marketing skills to deliver truly exclusive garments. Now one of the leading manufacturers of women’s lingerie, Coquette International has passed through more than 30 years of steady development and innovation to reach the company’s goals.

The company was founded in 1979 by Catherine and Peter Horea who both worked hard to bring their innovative ideas first to the audience in Ontario, Canada, and then worldwide. Currently the company has greatly expanded to provide intimate apparel in 64 countries with its major warehouse in Los Angeles, California, USA. This step has made it easier for Coquette International to meet the growing demand in top-quality lingerie across the world. The company closely cooperated with wholesalers and distributors on the most welcoming terms, where the clients’ needs and requirements continue to form the core of the brand’s vision.

One of the most evident unique selling points of Coquette International is their unbelievable passion for staying as diverse and unpredictable as possible. Among the most popular collections there are intriguing and romantic women’s garments that will fit any taste. Designed for spicing up sexual life or for having fun together in masquerade costumes, frolicking at a night club party or enjoying romantic nights, Coquette International products are sure to find their audience.

You won’t miss the time of your life with intimate lingerie by Coquette International. Learn more about this leading manufacturer on the official website.

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