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Souvenirs (3 goods)

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Erotic Fantasy, an international adult products reseller, presents a wide selection of souvenirs ready for ordering in bulk from the company’s web-site. This international adult products reseller is offering various souvenir categories. It is possible to buy small souvenirs like anti-slip protective cases for iPhone, keychains, water bottles, pens, whistles, stickers, water guns, bubbles; and party accessories such as candles, erotic-themed plastic party utensils, dice, cards, bottle openers, straws, and even cake pans. These souvenirs can serve as a spicy little presents or may be used for a themed party decoration.

The souvenirs offered on our web-site are manufactured by American and European companies specializing in the given field. The products are available in different colors and produced using high-quality plastic and rubber; metal parts are nickel-plated and wear-proof.

Ordering several product types in bulk, a retailer may arrange the colorful and funny items in sets for they are designed in one particular style. The automated system calculates prices per order. After an order has been placed, it is processed on the same day or on the next working day.

As it has been mentioned before, Erotic Fantasy works with wholesale distribution. A client can always check which product categories are in stock. Otherwise, it is possible to place an order in advance and receive a notification as soon as a certain product appears. The client support service is available via telephone and e-mail. It is possible to ask any questions concerning products, order placement, prices and delivery terms and conditions. 


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