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One of the most uniquely designed men's toys. The pleasure wand is a prostate masturbator and scrotum massager that is ergonomically shaped to fit oh so right.The powerful vibration on this waterproof wand is controlled by a Velvet Touch multi-speed controller.Flexible PVC construction allows for a firm yet supple massager that delivers massaging action to the most remote regions of the male anatomy. To top it off, since everyone likes their balls to vibrate, we shaped the wand with a tip that will snuggle between your balls and deliver excitement to your two best friends.So come on down and sit on one of these Mens Pleasure Wands & youll be glad you did. Available in charcoal and red.
  • Item №: 0906-01-BX
  • Штрих-код: 782421642310
  • Vendor: Doc Johnson, USA
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 13-19 cm
  • Package: Box
  • Color: red
РРЦ: 0i

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