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Shaped to stimulate several male erogenous zones at once, the Men's Pleasure Wand XL is a larger version of the original. Made of flexible TPR material, its larger length and girth is best suited for those already comfortable with anal play. The longer stem is designed for insertion, and features three subtle bulges at the tip and a gently curved end to stimulate the prostate. The shorter stem curls underneath the scrotum and perineum to deliver subtle vibrating sensations. A ring handle on the back of the toy helps make maneuvering easier. Four levels of light-indicated vibration are controlled by a hand held power pack. The vibrations are concentrated in the tip of the upper stem for maximum prostate pleasure. Unit takes 2 AA batteries and is entirely waterproof. Available in charcoal and blue.
  • Item №: 0906-03-BX
  • Штрих-код: 782421750015
  • Vendor: Doc Johnson, USA
  • Material: TPR
  • Size: 13-19 cm
  • Package: Box
  • Color: darkblue
РРЦ: 0i

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