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Deluxe set for a couple who know how to enjoy each other and wants to open all facets of reciprocity. Includes a toy with which you can experience something new and incredibly pleasant. An elegant, high-quality, safe massager with a unique "alluring" technology - the vibrator barrel acts on the G point, imitating hand movements when you summon your loved one. A powerful motor has 5 speeds of operation of the main part of the vibrator (functional length 10 cm, diameter 3.5 cm), and 6 incredible modes of the clitoral rabbit - constant vibration, wave vibration, pulsation, increasing vibration, then increasing, then falling and random vibration. A delicate brush for tantalizing sensations during stimulation has been applied to the clitoral rabbit morobochka. The rabbit has a very easy control - to turn on the rabbit, use a separate power button, then both the vaginal part and the clitoral bunny will work at the same time. To change the intensity of their modes use the "+" and "-". If you want to turn off the “alluring” movements of the trunk - press the bottom button for 3 seconds and release, if you want to disable the clitoral stimulator - press the button with the rabbit for 3 seconds. The modes of the clitoral bunny are switched by simply pressing the button with the rabbit. Together with the toy you get a booklet with a schedule of possible vibration in each of the 6 modes of rabbit operation for the clitoris and 5 rotation speeds. The vibrating massager is charged by USB (cord included). Before first use, charge the rabbit to full charge - 2 hours, if it flashes, it means it is in the process of charging, if the light is on constantly, then it is fully charged. A rabbit can work for one hour on one charge! You can block the rabbit so that it does not suddenly turn on in the bag, for example, while traveling - to do this, turn off the massager and hold down the “+” and “-” simultaneously, the light will flash to indicate that the lock is on, to cancel the lock, repeat the procedure. complete with a massager booklet with a schedule of modes of operation. The anal chain of 5 beads, made of silicone, balls diameter from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm, the functional length of the chain is 15 cm. Silicone vacuum stimulants are ideal for use on female or male breasts. Blood flow to the nipples creates an incredible feeling of excitement. Transparent masturbator with a relief tunnel inside is made of elastic and delicate material. The masturbator can be used for classic masturbation or during oral sex, as the toy has a through hole, the length of the masturbator is 12 cm. Silicone ring lasso with a convenient clasp can be used simply for the penis, and you can wear it on the scrotum. The controller will allow you to adjust the degree of compression. Simple velcro shackles will allow to realize fantasies with binding, shackles with reliable metal carbines. Heavy big cubes will add a game element to your date - on one part of the body, on the other - actions. The game of such bones will definitely appeal to everyone! In the set there is still a soft mask on the eyes, a satin cover on a cord for storing all the items and a hanger on the door "Come inside at your own risk, sexual vibrations inside!"
  • Item №: TRC-SET-003
  • Штрих-код: 4890808201060
  • Vendor: The Rabbit Company, USA
  • Material: Silicon
  • Package: Box
  • Color: purple
РРЦ: 0 i


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