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Erotic Fantasy is a wholesale adult products distribution company reselling all kinds of sex toys and erotic novelties. It is possible to receive an all-embracing consultation and place an order on the company’s website. The company works with well-established European and American manufacturers, offering only high-quality products for reselling. Taking into account a singularity of the field, Erotic Fantasy searches for serious permanent clients and partnerships.

A diverse selection of chastity devices as well as of cock and ball torment metal and plastic sex toys is available for ordering in bulk. A range of devices includes male chastity cases, plastic and metal rings, chained clamps and nipple clips. The devices come in black, red, blue, transparent and metal colors. Manufactured by Erotic Fantasy, Switzerland and Lux Fetish, USA, these devices are durable and well-assembled. Featured devices are suitable for all kinds of adult product consumers. It is possible to select the necessary product parameters in a special box on the company’s website and proceed with ordering a certain amount of items.

Erotic Fantasy provides its permanent clients with a system of discounts for its ultimate goal is to accumulate and maintain a trusted client base. In addition, Erotic Fantasy’s staff is friendly, well-informed and ready to complete all ordering and shipment formalities for the company’s clients. Preserving an atmosphere of professionalism, Erotic Fantasy has recently expanded its coverage from Eastern European countries to the EU, becoming a big European adult products distributor. It has also participated in Ero Fame, which is one of the well-known international adult product fairs. 


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