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Mannequins (19 goods)

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The display model mannequins of different shapes and forms from whole body figures to the specific body parts are available to order in bulk from Erotic Fantasy, a distribution company selling adult products wholesale. Erotic Fantasy operates exceptionally online which is beneficially reflected on product prices. A variety of products offered by this international company is standards-driven and diverse. It is necessary to register an order and it will be processed the same day or the next working day.

The mannequins are designed to display all kinds of apparel, lingerie, hosiery, wigs and accessories. The available products selection includes full-body male and female mannequins, wall-hanging legs and torsos, and mannequin heads. The full-body mannequins are designed in upright, sited and kneeled postures to display items from the most advantageous angles. Wall-hanging torsos and legs are used to display complete outfits and hosiery. The main advantage of this type of mannequins is that it is a convenient way to save space at the selling premises and create an alluring display at the same time. Very lifelike mannequin heads offered by Erotic Fantasy are used to demonstrate wigs and accessories.

All products are well-formed and nicely colored. The mannequins offered by Erotic Fantasy are manufactured by Hot Mannequin, USA from 100% fiberglass, a qualitative and durable material. The shipment is organized in standard-sized boxes which fit the containers and do not require extra packaging procedures. However, it is recommended to ensure additional safety of the load due to the mannequin manufacturing material nature.


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