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TUTTI-FRUTTI gel raspberry OraLove 30 g

The taste of a fiery raspberry will give a heavenly delight, will reveal the secrets of creating harmony of intimate relationships. Many couples for oral sex use food (fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, etc.). Such a gastronomic practice can cause significant damage to the sensitive microflora of the genital organs. This gel is designed specifically for oral pleasure. Lubrication does not disturb the microflora balance, but preserves it. It will give your love games a special taste and will take care of the sensitive intimate area. Suitable for use as a lubricant. It has a moisturizing effect. Compatible with latex and synthetic materials. Application: at the time of love games, apply to the external genitals.
  • Артикул: LB-30003
  • Штрих-код: 4607013973732
  • Vendor: Биоритм,Russia
РРЦ: 0i

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