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LOVESPRAY ACTIVE for woman 18 ml

Get ready for pleasure! Lovespray active is a quick way to bring feelings and sexual desire to tone. The spray is easily sprayed into erogenous zones, instantly absorbed, causing a pleasant sensation of heat and increasing sensitivity. The essential oil of ylang-ylang in the composition gives a stunning and enchanting mood. The unique composition of "Lovespray active" helps to increase orgasm. Spray softens and cares for the gentle intimate area. The effect of the application lasts 15-30 minutes. The more money is applied, the brighter and more durable the result. Application: before sexual contact spray on the erogenous zones of the woman (labia, clitoris, nipples). The dose is selected individually, starting with the minimum (one press).
  • Item №: LB-18001
  • Штрих-код: 4607013973664
  • Vendor: Биоритм,Russia
РРЦ: 0 i


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