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First Love Chemise & Thong (Non-Packaged)

The styling of the negligee silhouette of thin translucent fabric, which with the help of vertical black stripes create the ideal proportions of an hourglass. A bodice on a solid cup with supporting inserts. In a set of thong panties and detachable pages for stockings.
  • Item №: STM-10502HPNK
  • Vendor: Seven`til Midnight, USA
  • Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane
  • Package: Transparent plastic bag
  • Color: Pink
STM-10502HPNKL — 888208083106
STM-10502HPNKM — 888208083090
STM-10502HPNKS — 888208083083
РРЦ: 0i

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