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Company information

Erotic Fantasy is an internationally acknowledged brand involved in distributing adult products from top-quality manufacturers. Starting from the East-European market, we move forward to establish a worldwide distribution network. Our primary goal is to level up the industry standards by bringing only healthy and certified production.

Our mission

Selling adult products is the responsibility we recognize. We are working to become an authorized wholesale distributor of the market-leading brands which have built trust with consumers internationally. We are quality-driven, thus allowing only approved trademarks in our catalog. Due to the fact that we are working directly with manufacturers with no intermediaries, we are able to provide reasonable prices.

Our principles

 In this highly competitive industry Erotic Fantasy is aimed to maintain the highest possible quality of our distribution services. We are guided by the following principles:

-        We sell only certified products which are legally recognized in the European Union.

-        We educate both dealers and end consumers by providing as detailed information as possible via our websites and customer support.

-        We follow the rules of fair competition.

-        We deliver the whole service range to each dealer registered with Erotic Fantasy.

Our philosophy

Erotic Fantasy is to encourage sexual awareness above all. It is important to provide educational information along with detailed descriptions of each item and its manufacturer. We realize that your target audience as a dealer may consist of both beginners and experienced people, therefore we strive to ensure the ultimate safety for all customer categories and ask you to join us in this effort. All employees at Erotic Fantasy are well-trained to be a reliable source of information about adult products, and we believe yours are too. By promoting love and self-confidence, we are able to make our customers happier.

If you would like to learn more about Erotic Fantasy, feel free to contact our managers at info@eroticfantasy.eu or by phone. More contacts can be found here.