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Erotic Fantasy

Хотите, чтобы Ваш магазин выделялся на фоне предложений Ваших конкурентов? Хотите зарабатывать не стихийно на разовых продажах, а на регулярных покупках постоянных покупателей? Помимо товаров отличных брендов по хорошим ценам, прозрачной системы скидок, простой процедуры работы, у нас всегда много интересных идей и полезной информации для Вас! Свяжитесь с нами любым способом или оставьте заявку, чтобы мы сами Вам позвонили! Erotic Fantasy - элемент Вашего успешного бизнеса!


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Erotic Fantasy

    Welcome to Erotic Fantasy, a one-stop online wholesaler of adult products. We cooperate directly with manufacturers – no one is allowed to interrupt our flawless process of B2B sales to dealers. As a partner of Erotic Fantasy you are ensured against no name products and poor customer service. Due to our transparent and fair working patterns, flexible discount system and careful selection of products, you will be able to build your brand credibility and establish a steadily developing business with Erotic Fantasy.

    Whether you are a retailer with robust experience and solid track record in adult products sales, or just looking for encouraging business opportunities in this industry, Erotic Fantasy is here to deliver top-notch solutions. Our online catalog is filled with internationally acknowledged brands, each with its indisputable reputation and unbeaten product range – Hustler, Glas, Fleshlight International, Topco Sales and many more. The complete list of our featured vendors can be found here .

    We cooperate only with secure and legally recognized business entities interested in distributing adult toys and apparel via retail outlets. We revise each sign-up application individually to make sure that only reliable companies are allowed. Once registered with Erotic Fantasy, you unlock your business potential as an authorized dealer of world-famous adult product brands. You are free to order available items in any quantities with no need to do this in advance and wait endlessly for your order to arrive. Everything you see on our online catalog is in stock, while we regularly update our inventory with new positions to keep up with the growing adult industry market. All orders are processed on the same day or within the next working day. Our working schedule is flexible – you can always contact our client support via email, online chat or phone.

    Browse easily through our website and keep an eye on Top-30 Bestsellers , the latest arrivals in New items and products on sale . You can also learn more about the industry requirements and secrets of running a successful business as delivered to you by Erotic Fantasy. Just visit our Guide for New Customers , Vendor’s Recommendations and discover how to sell only good quality and maintain effective dialog with your customers .

    Why Erotic Fantasy?

    - Direct cooperation with manufacturers
    - Sales network in Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland
    - Reasonable pricing
    - All-inclusive product range
    - Step-by-step professional assistance
    - Quality-driven approach
    - Timely order processing and delivery